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5 Mar


Yes, it’s possible that in 2020, you’re still unknowingly buying the wrong foundation shade for your skin tone, or using brow powder that’s leaving you looking washed out. Makeup is meant to enhance your already beautiful features, rather than make you look like an older version of yourself. Avoid these beauty mistakes, and you’ll be looking your best!

Wearing the wrong foundation colour

This is still one of the most common beauty errors – even with the presence of product ranges that are far more diverse and inclusive. Wearing foundation that doesn’t match your skin colour can add years to your face, instead of giving you a more even look. If you go lighter than your tone, your look may appear lifeless and flat, whereas going too dark can add dullness and heaviness to you look, just as ageing tends to do. To avoid this mistake, make sure you test foundation before you purchase it, or ask for professional advice.

Choosing lipstick that’s too dark

While the deep purples, blacks and reds are definitely in right now, choosing a lip colour that is too dark for your skin is likely to pile on the years. Dark shades tend to make lips look smaller, less plump and less highlighted – all natural signs of ageing. Not to worry, this doesn’t mean you should stay away from dark lip colours! But if you’re concerned about appearing older than you are, go for lip colours with a lighter texture or without a matte finish. Consider trying a mauve or pink tone instead.

Lining only the bottom lid

Lining both your top and bottom eyelid with liner is a beauty essential. Although it might be easier to line only the bottom, it will make your eyes appear smaller, drag your features down, and overall, make you appear older. When both lids are lined, it opens up your eyes and brightens your face.

Applying the wrong blush shade

Many women tend to choose shades of blush that end up either looking muddy and dull or too soft in colour, which can age your look. Finding the right shade to match your tone is essential to looking your best. When applying, also make sure you start at the height of the apple of your cheek, and blend it up and back. This will give your features a lift.

Not defining your eyebrows

Over the years, your eyebrows tend to thin out from over-plucking or just much slower growth. Not filling them out with a brow pencil or brow powder can leave you looking washed out and older, whereas a full brow will give your face a lift, define your features and create a more youthful appearance. 

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Kunmi Odueke
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