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31 Oct


A few years ago, scented candles, diffusers or sprays probably reminded you of that generic vanilla or lavender candle burning in your grandmother’s home. These days? Home fragrances in the form of multi-note scents are pretty much the norm, and you’re likely to own at least three chic-looking votives.

And while we are so spoiled for choice when it comes to affordable, quality candles, there is a brand that has taken the category to a whole new luxurious level, that is Nigerian brand ‘Scentimental’.

Scentimental is inspired by its founder’s love for travelling and discovering new places. Following a visit to the perfume capital of the world (Grasse, France) in 2015, Scentimental Nigeria was born. Their scents are designed to capture the essence of each place it represents, connecting you to various parts of the world through its powerful aroma. Their products are made from carefully selected exotic scents from around the world and each product is individually created using the finest ethically sourced and sustainable materials.

Think fine-fragrance based candles, diffusers, body oils, lip balms and room sprays featuring top, middle and base notes that permeate the room. And what’s even better is that these products are very affordable, ranging from N1,000 – N10,000 (yup!).  If you’re a bonafide candle addict, the appearance and scents of these luxe products are guaranteed to up the ante on  your addiction. Here is a review of our favourite products.

Lavender x Clary Sage Luxury body oil: N5,500

Get ready to indulge your skin with the ultimate combination of luxury oils in the form of Lavender and Clary Sage Oil. This is a bath and body product which will make you wonder how you ever managed without it!  Full of fragrant allure and sensational on the skin, this sumptuous blend makes daily cleansing rituals feel divine. An add-on that I love is that the scents are perfect for your nighttime routine, lavender helps you sleep better!

Grapefruit and bay leaf lip balm: N1,000

I always tend to forget lip balms everywhere, so whenever I’m out and about and feel the need to moisturize I tend to simply buy a cheap one on the go. But this was different, the packaging was very cute, and I was interested in the smell. I tried it on, and since my first go with this product I have stuck with it. It’s an amazing lip balm that both hydrates really well and smells amazing. Doesn’t really taste all that much, but that’s just a plus!

Room Spray: N4,600

Sentimental’s room sprays are basically the key beautiful scents but in a much more flexible way. I love candles, but to look after them (unless they’re very small), needing to burn to the edge to create an even burn isn’t always possible or practical time wise. Enter the room spray! At any time, to bring the home to rights. I absolutely adored this scent when I got the candle, but over time I don’t love it like I do the others.

Vanilla caramel oil-based reed diffusers: N4,000

I love how the diffuser provides a great way to freshen a room without having to light a candle. It provides a continuous but subtle scent, and I appreciate the natural ingredients. Will buy again once mine runs out!

To get your hands on their products, visit their website


Tutu Adetunmbi

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