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15 Jun


In the beauty world today, there’s so much information about how to take care of our skin, but how often does skincare for the back slip through the cracks? Whilst most people diligently take care of their faces (and other more visible parts), little or no attention is given to buffering and shining the chest and back areas – but it’s no less important. After all, it’s one of your sexiest parts (confirmed, people) and deserves nothing but the best!

Whether you typically experience breakouts, or just want a clearer, smoother back to give you a confidence boost, here is what dermatologists recommend you do, for a better-looking back:

Make sure you wash off all residue from your hair conditioner, as it can cause unnecessary skin problems. After you rinse out conditioner, clip your hair up and use body wash to remove any oil residue that rinsing won’t find.

Just like your face, your body needs exfoliation as well. Use an exfoliating body brush or cloth, with a sulphate-free cleansing soap to unclog the pores on the skin of your back, and remove dried skin cells.

Schedule regular back facials with an expert at your local spa, for an extra dose of exfoliation.

If the skin on your back is prone to acne breakouts, exposure to the sun can make it more prominent as the sun increases melanin activity. For clearer skin, protect your back from over-exposure.

Treat blemishes with nighttime spot lotion, which helps to heal them and make them disappear quicker as you sleep.

Kunmi Odueke
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