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5 Nov


By Richard Kennedy

These days, there’s an overwhelming number of different perfumes on the market and choosing one can be more of a stressful than enjoyable experience. To make better decisions on the type of perfume to wear however, a little education is in order. The first – and most important – thing to note is perfume is typically categorised based on concentration or scent, and understanding this will help on your next shopping trip.

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Fragrance concentration is the amount of perfume oil and alcohol in any given perfume product. The more the perfume oils in a bottle, the stronger the scent. On the other hand, more alcohol means a weaker concentration, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Weak concentration fragrances may be better suited for some people as explained below:

Parfum: Parfum brands have the highest concentration of fragrance oils and would be an excellent choice if you have sensitive skin because of its low alcohol content.

Eau de parfum: If you’ve ever gone shopping for perfume, it’s more likely than not that you’ve seen the words eau de parfum written on a stylish bottle. It works great for everyday wear and has a long-lasting scent. If you have sensitive skin, this is next to the best option after parfum.

Eau de Toilette: With a little more experience with perfumes, you will come to find out this is probably the most widely used type. It’s great for wearing before going out in the summertime. 

Eau de Cologne: These usually come in bigger bottles and do not last for a long time. In most cases, you might need to reapply after two hours. People with sensitive skin will be better off with other options because of its high alcohol content.

Eau Fraiche: This is a very subtle perfume with a very weak scent. If you would rather not have a prominent scent, go for this. Also, there is no alcohol content in eau fraiche, making it the best option if you have sensitive skin. 


Scents can evoke powerful emotions and tend to be more intimate and personal. The scents in perfumes can be roughly broken down into four. Hence, if you know the scents that appeal to you most, it’ll be easier to choose a perfume under that scent.

Fresh: Fresh scents have a refreshing and lively aroma to them. Scents related to aquatic, citrus, or green leafy fit into this category.

Floral: Floral scents smell like flowers and have a kind of sweet aroma. Perfumes in the floral class will often smell like jasmine, rose, lilies, peonies and so on. They range from complex to delicate.

Oriental: Oriental scents could be sensual and spicy with some very interesting smells. You would typically find a perfume of this kind with a mix of oriental and other types to balance the scent out. 

Woody: If you want to go the mysterious route, this will be just right for you. Some woody scents are wood-based like cedarwood and amber.

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Choosing What to Wear

Note that a lot of perfumes do not fall into a single type or classification and often, you will find classification based on concentration and scent intersect. When choosing what perfume to wear, consider your:

·   Skin sensitivity

·   Weather conditions

·   Occasion

·   Time of day

Pick a perfume concentration based on the above factors and you’re most likely to discover the scent that appeals to you the most.

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