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For a while now, the Fashion Tech Form has brought out the leading names of innovation and invention in the world of fashion and technology. This year’s event which took place on the 6th of October in Los Angeles, CA brought out some serious powerful voices on stage. Speakers like Angela Ahrendts( former Burberry CEO, who is now Apple’s senior vice president for retail and online stores), Virgil Abloh(founder and creative director of Off-White), and will.i.am( founder and CEO of i.am+)  all shared a lot of insider wisdom and unanimously agreed that one thing’s for sure, the leading names in the fashion industry need some serious updating with the constant evolution of the worlds system else they will be dethroned by the tech-savvy.

“Technology needs the creation that comes from art and fashion to really make the whole thing work. People want to have a look and feel and be inspired by what they’re wearing,” said Mike Dennison, President of Consumer Technologies Group at Flex. With many of the prominent presenters at the event, each understood the dynamic consumer market they have and the essential partnerships needed to cover as much ground. Take for instance Virgil Abloh and Herink Most confirmed the two would work together on a home collection to be sold at Ikea.

Karen Harvey, the brainchild behind the Fashion Tech Forum founded in 2013, understood the need to create a space for fashion and technology leaders to come together to better understand how each industry was approaching the future of retail. Fast forward four years down the line, the Fashion Tech Forum conference is a high-level event that creates the space for the most influential fashion and tech innovators to develop ways to collaborate, discover innovations, and share best practices in a unique format, in which discovery and honest dialogue would naturally occur.

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