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As we are slowly settling into the new year, you might have concluded on your resolutions, goals and intentions for the year. What’s on your itinerary for 2018, ladies? Glow up, get snatched,find love, or dominate? You can do it all! It’s safe to say that some of our favourite ladies in Africa gave us major inspiration in 2017 in various ways and forms. Here are the goals you need for the year, tailored especially for you by the successes of Africa’s finest.

Take your brand to the next level like Bonang Matheba

Courtesy: @Bonang_m

She is one of South Africa’s top 5 social media personalities with 1.8 million followers on Instagram, 2.12 million on Twitter, and 1.03 million on Facebook. What makes ‘Brand Matheba‘ so powerful is that she has essentially achieved the 3 R’s – ‘Relevance, Reach and Resonance’. This is why Matheba remains go-to for brands looking for a celeb face to front their campaigns, including cosmetics giant, Revlon (she is its only ambassador outside the USA). She recently took over from Giselle Bündchen as Brazilian footwear brand Ipanema‘s African ambassador. Matheba is perhaps best known as the face of the retail brand, Woolworths’ lingerie line, Distraction, and more recently as a brand ambassador for premium vodka brand, CIROC and cognac brand, Courvoisier. Love her or not, if you are trying to up your brand this year, take a cue from Bonang.

Switch up your style like Stephanie Coker

Courtesy: @StephanieCoker

Media personality and emerging stylista Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun has had a stellar style transformation, she has amped up her style in 2017 and is generating the right buzz. With a sleeker aesthetic and a playful take on her normal style, channel your inner Stephanie this year and take your style to the next level. Be braver with fashion picks and be daring in your mixes without losing your personal sense of style. Enjoy!

Find Love Like Banky and Adesua

Courtesy: @KolaOshalusi

Nigerians were very excited to hear about the engagement between Nigerian music superstar Banky W and Nollywood Actress Adesua Etomi. The news of their union literally blew up the media, and their romantic photos were shared over and over again. Many people sent congratulatory messages and dreamed of having a similar love story in their own lives. Seeing the sweet story behind the evolution of their relationship has made them one of our favourite celebrity couples. Even better was the on-screen love they played on the Wedding Party 1&2 which is currently breaking Box Office records. Can’t deny, they are both lucky to have each other and wish the same for you in 2018!

Get snatched like Boity

Courtesy: @Boity

South African TV personality fashion maven and entrepreneur, Boity Thumelo’s looks are absolutely perfect from head to toe and is yet to put a fashion foot wrong. When it comes to style, there’s not much Boity can’t pull off. Lately, the SA star has turned it up a notch with her seriously envy-worthy fashion wardrobe. With a health and fitness penchant, she launched her weightloss solution body toning pills called Boity Toning Support which help control runaway appetite, tone your body and melt away unwanted fat, amazing! With her perfect curves and her eye for fashion, she’s the poster girl for your gym inspiration as you aim to get snatched this year.

Tell your truth like Toke Makinwa

Media personality, Toke Makinwa who wrote a bestseller, ‘On Becoming’ in 2017 on life and times with ex-husband, Maje Ayida. She revealed a whole lot of astounding things one would have found hard to believe if it hadn’t come from the horse’s mouth. She reveals the truth behind her 14-year relationship with the man she finally married and a marriage that ended in an atrocious scandal that nearly brought her to her knees. In the wake of the peaks and troughs that characterize Toke’s experiences, she shared her struggle with blinding betrayal, finding forgiveness and drawing strength from her faith in God. On Becoming is Toke’s journey through pain to victory that we believe every woman deserves.

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