Fabulous womenswear label Titi Belo presents its Spring/Summer 2018 collection themed ‘Titi Belo Wuz Ere’, drawing inspiration from the coded attire around which life in a structured environment like Queen’s College revolves and re-imagining them with new freedom. The Titi Belo label began long before its clothes graced the runways, before the elicit glowing reviews from fashion critics in and out of the diaspora. It began in the heart of Queen’s College, Lagos. The “Corridors” were their first Runways, The Dorm Rooms and “Corners” its private Presentation spaces, The Girls, their  Muses.

Queen’s college taught the Creative Director of the self-named brand the magic of self-expression through dress, how a slogan scribbled on a t-shirt could be a powerful statement in a school where conformity was required. The lessons she learnt there have stayed with her and now as a woman in control of her own narrative, she revisits Queen’s college through the Titi Belo S/S18 collection, stealing back to her youth and refashioning it with the experience and resources she wished she had as a teenager getting her first taste of freedom.

The collection screams of chic refurbishment: The classic graffiti slogans, she re-imagines in the style of the statement tee, but with a twist, the #QCOG will instantly recognize. Denim is sexed up and deconstructed to reflect the sophistication of our time. Ruffles, pleats and layers are updated and taken in new, experimental directions. Titi Belo re-imagines “Sunday Wear” in egg-white jersey, cut with a bias to appeal to a much more sophisticated woman. Pleated silk chiffon mini dresses drape effortlessly, a liberation from stuffy pleated uniforms skirts. Ethereal damask and lace are layered to create a fragile graduation dress, cut for flair, modesty ignored. Polish cotton and spandex combine to create Machiavellian pant and skirt suiting and ruffles add a extra prance to flirty a-line ensembles.

Titi Belo Wuz Ere’ is an exploration of those early reclamations of individuality and the place that inspired them and reclaiming both, through the medium of fashion. ‘TITI BELO Wuz Ere’ and her influence endures.

Photography Courtesy:

Photographer: Tolu Sanusi|Creative Director: Edwin Okolo & Titilayo Belo|Graphics: Titilayo Belo|Makeup: Precious Nwele|Hair Styling: Titi|Model: Alex Nwokedi| Brand: Titi Belo

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