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Still lusting over Black Panther and all the amazing ‘Wakanda’ inspiration you cant get over?  We’ve taken a look at what they would eat in Wakanda, to the true story that inspired the Dora Milaje and our favourite character M’baku. Now, we take a look at the amazing costumes, inspired by cultures, looks, and fabrics around the African continent. We have stumbled across different looks from the Marvel flick we are definitely taking inspiration from when next we visit the tailors, with the help of the best costume designer, Ruth E. Carter who was awarded two Oscars in a row for this title.

Black Panther

It’s fascinating to realize that she did her own research on characters featured in Black Panther in order to know how to approach achieving each look.She introduced African fashion with urban fashion and some inspirations were gotten from a few designers like the pleating of Issey Miyake, the forward-thinking of Stella McCartney, and the shapes or silhouette of Gareth Pugh. Not forgetting the importance of sourcing out inspirations from the rich African tribe and its versatility on any semblance of the Masai, the Suri tribe, the Northern African Tuareg, the oxidized red clay and the vibrant colors of Africa. You can look at beautiful history books, at what they did, and you can translate it, effortlessly, into a real-life model.

Black Panther

The costume designer featured some designs from the British-Ghanian designer Ozwald Boateng and a piece seen on Chadwick Boseman with a scarf wrapped around his neck, from Ikire Jones collection a well-known Nigerian designer.

Black Panther

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