Resounding yeses to a hybrid smartwatch, please. For a short period of time, Skagen established itself as unique and very popular watch brand. The first Skagen watch was introduced in 1992. The brand has been rising since and today their watches are known and sold all over the world.  And now combining their sophistication with timely elegance and the beauty of technology, the Danish jewelry brand released their first ever wearable exclusively for women, the Hald Connected Hybrid Smartwatch.

Here we will inspect features, design, and materials that their newest hybrid smartwatch models are made of so you will find out how good they really are and what is that makes this piece unique in the watch market.

  • The accompanying SKAGEN app can be used on both the Android operating system and the iOS.
  • Filtered by your smartphone notifications, the watch sends discreet alerts when you receive a call or a text; so you can leave your phone out of sight and still remain connected.
  • Through the app, the activity tracker monitors the steps you take or the amount of water you drink. You can also set the goals you’d like to achieve.
  • It uses a replaceable CR2412 battery meaning it’s non-charging.
  •  “Because who needs another piece of technology they have to worry about charging?” the company says.
  • It comes in a wide variety of neutral tones with  detachable leather, metal and mesh straps

SKAGEN hybrid smartwatches are available for purchase at SKAGEN


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