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“If you can’t see my highlighter from space, I’m not wearing enough”


‘Tis the season to be glowing… you know how the rest goes. Anyways today, I’m here to help you slay because we need to look like a back to back hit, we need to be on our Davido behaviour (every song has been a hit this year), especially my Lagos girls. We need to attend all the rocks looking like bae that’s why I am sharing with you some of my holy grail highlighters, these bad boys will leave your enemies blind, you’ll be seen from space and shinning overall. Also, these bad boys can be used for more than just highlighters, they work incredibly well as eyeshadows, mixed with primer for a dewy base and much more.

@dimmaumeh glowing

First on my list is the father of all highlighters, the one that paved the way for others and it is none other than the M.A.C mineralized skin finish in Gold Deposit. This was the first highlighter I ever bought and it still serves me well, very well. This warm highlighter with golden/copper shimmer will give you a radiant finish. Also, a little with this goes a long way to build up the glow girl.


Next on the list is a new but great bad boy called Trophy Wife by Fenty Beauty. This highlighter has made its mark on so many faces in the past two months and has become the ultimate blinding glow in my own opinion. This yellowish gold highlighter is incredibly pigmented with little speckles of glitter that will leave you glistening from all angles. By the way, a little goes a very long way.

The Queen herself slaying in Trophy Wife

This highlighter is one of those I believe has not received the attention it deserves and it’s the Inglot sparkling dust highlighter in 04. First of all, this highlighter is very affordable for the quality and amount of product you get, so you’ll be glowing on a budget. The highlighter comes as a frosted loose powder and this shade is the definition of a bronze glow. This highlighter is so shiny, that when you step into the room, you’ll be difficult to miss and a little of this goes a mile.

Now the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Palette is everything, everything! This palette is the real glowing on a budget deal and it’s really a bargain because you get six different products, highlighters, blush and a contour powder for less than the price of a normal sized highlighter. Plus, the only way to truly describe the gold highlighter in this palette is Egyptian goddess level, it is truly everything and I do not believe you can over apply this highlighter,  it’s just a golden gem (I’m obsessed)!


This palette is referred to as the “embrace your glow palette” because we all have an inner glow and this bad boy will help you realize it. The Taos glow palette has three different shades (Hollywood, 1992 and Queen Bee) with golden undertones perfect for all skin tones. All three can be used to create a glow suitable for you. However, my favourite of the trio is Hollywood which has a warm undertone to it. Out of all the highlighters, this is the one I would refer to as the most humble but its buildable and can still get you that blinding glow.

the Taos glow palette

Oh btw quick tip, if you’re not about the extra glow life, if you know humble and prefer a subtle glow or natural glow, don’t spray your highlighter brush and gently tap the brush on the product. It will give you a cute innocent humble glow. Another tip, just because I got you this season , if you are wearing anything that would have your chest or shoulders out, apply some of the highlighter to those areas and blend with your powder brush… you can thank me later.

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