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As the week of festive events has commenced, I thought why not help you out with your makeup looks for the week. Personally, I find it difficult to create looks for events sometimes, just because I cannot think of anything to do or I have too many options. Therefore today, I am going to give you all fourteen looks that are just perfect for your events this week. They are that many because I love you guys and care about your slay for day and evening occasions.


So to kick start the week, I think we need to go in fierce and bold. And the simple way to make a bold statement for your day look is with a gorgeous yellow eyeshadow. It is bold, fresh and cool, to me, it’s a refreshing way to start the week and I love it. Now, for a night time look along the lines of bold statements, nothing screams bold and sexy louder than a black smokey eye paired with a metallic red lip and subtle skin.


As we started the week on a bold note, on Tuesday we can relax a bit, still a bold statement but very subtle. During the day, a golden-bronzy soft smokey eye with an iridescent pink shadow in the inner tear duct is the perfect soft-bold look for any day event. In the night we go bold but keep things soft again and no one can ever go wrong with a brown smokey eye. That is my ultimate to go night look, it is very simple and sultry.


When I think of Wednesday, I think soft glam and baby pink because we wear pink on Wednesdays. You can never go wrong with a soft gold eye look and pink lips, that is the ultimate makeup combination, it is ideal for any event day or night plus it’s bright. Bright looks are always a YES! However, on Wednesday evenings we wear red lips, whenever I put on my red lips I feel like a queen and I can take on anything. This night look is just one word glamorous.


We are starting Thursday with a soft gold glam with glowy skin. By the way, gold tends to feature a lot during the holiday season because it just looks perfect on everyone and you can make it dramatic or subtle. There is nothing like too much glow or highlighter, we are all about shining this season. Nothing screams Thursday like a blue bold statement, I love the infusing of colour with smokey eyes. Statement eyes and nudes lips are a match made in makeup Heaven.


We are finally at the weekend and to start our Friday off, we go simple, soft… you know something light just to enter the weekend smoothly.  So, nude-ish-pink lips with almost skin like eyeshadow and a short wing. As its Friday night, you know we have to make a FIERCE BOLD statement and this look is that and more. You will make a gorgeous entrance wherever you go. This look is for the daring plus there is a sexiness to the look we love.


After a very fierce night, you want to tone things down and a matte eye look and glossy lips says “I’m chilling”. That is the best everyday look, it is an effortless look that is still very pretty and most times two eyeshadows does the trick for this look. On to the night time, when the sun comes down the glitter comes out. A black glitter smokey eye is everything, it always gives the fabulous elegance like I’m a Queen, I love it.


After another fierce night, we need to relax a bit and give everyone a natural look. Again, with skin-toned matte eyeshadows, nude lips and glowy skin. A glowy skin is always just right for the daytime. In the night, we always have to bring out our black eyeshadow and smoke that crease out. A gold smokey eye is always ideal and set for any night glam.  The best way to end and enter a new week is bold and fabulous.

Anyways, we hope this has your makeup aspect sorted out for this week’s occasions.

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