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24 Jun


Don’t underestimate Nigerian beauty brands! When it comes to fashion and beauty we all know Nigerians don’t play around. With the increased number of participants as makeup artists and cosmetologists in the industry, and the growing number of indigenous brands in comparison with international brands both popular and upcoming taking their place in the market, here’s a list of some of the beauty brands worth investing in.

House Of Coco

A skincare line born out of the desire to safely and effectively treat hyperpigmentation and other skin issues using natural and organic ingredients has proven to be a game changer and an industry competitor.

Juvias Place

Vibrant and pigmented eyeshadows that draw inspiration from the Caribbean Islands and everywhere else, Juvia is a beauty brand that provides all makeup enthusiasts access to rich, luscious and wearable colours.

Taos Cosmetics

Taos cosmetics is a fun, fresh & sassy beauty brand with, founded by Vanessa Onwughalu. The brand, which is named after her mother, sees beauty as an art whereby everyone is their own exquisite Picasso.

Arami Essentials

This is a natural skincare brand that was created to provide natural skin and hair care for women who want a simple, fuss-free routine.

Jaxx Cosmetics

Jaxx Cosmetics joins the list of emergent beauty brands in Nigeria. With a wide variety of coloured lipsticks that are intensely pigmented, the brand is aimed at empowering women through the power of a bold-coloured lip.

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