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22 Sep


By Morgan Elliott


There are certain things, such as red lipstick that are considered seductive, and once you put it on, you feel instantly different. You feel more confident, more beautiful, and more seductive. Many women embrace this look, and enjoy the attention they get once they wear the things that emphasise their femininity. If you are in the mood to go for a seductive look, here are the must-know things you should include.

Red Lipstick

The king of seduction. A quality red lipstick is something you should always have in your makeup kit. It is reserved for special occasions, date nights, or exclusive parties. Goes great with a little black dress and expensive, delicate jewellery.

Find the shade you prefer that goes well with your skin tone – it can be a bright red or a darker cherry red lipstick. It is important to invest in a quality one, that won’t smudge when you eat or drink and more importantly, won’t end up on your teeth.

When you decide to wear red lipstick,  ensure the rest of the makeup is subtle. Just a swish of your mascara wand is enough; no eyeshadow, glitter and heavy eyeliner, otherwise the whole look will be too dramatic – quite opposite of the subtle seductive look you are going for.

Bold Brows

Bold, dense eyebrows are very trendy right now, but if you want to go for a more subtle look, that is perfectly fine too. It is important they are perfectly shaped and that they suit your face and make your eyes accentuated. If you have sparse brows, you probably fill them in when you put on your makeup, but if you don’t want something a bit less temporary, think about microshading eyebrows. This is a permanent makeup treatment for eyebrows that look great – a soft, powdery effect will make them look more dense and thick. They will not wear off or disappear once you get them wet.

If you decide to get your eyebrows microshaded, you will have to follow the aftercare routine (this is key). To make the outcome look good, treat them with the products you can find at PhiBrows USA. Once they are healed, they will look great for up to two years. Imagine waking up with perfect brows every day, with no effort! Such a confidence booster.

Image: Bashir Olawoyin from Pexels

Long Lashes

There is nothing as seductive as thick, long lashes that make your eyes pop. Luscious lashes are sometimes hard to achieve, especially if you are not blessed with natural ones. Mascara can most certainly help, so invest in a good one. If the mascara doesn’t give the desired effect, go for lash extensions. This is especially effective for special occasions, when you want to feel and look extraordinary.

Gorgeous Nails

Seductive nails should be a bit longer, but not too much, otherwise, they will look tacky. As long as they’re properly manicured and neat, you’re on the right track. Choose a neutral colour, such as white or transparent nail polish, or go for the red one for a touch of elegance. Be careful with red nail polish though – when it is not quality, it can get ruined easily and end up looking untidy. It’s better to invest in a gel nail polish or visit a salon to get that done; that’s how you will be sure your nail polish will not get damaged easily.

Image: Pexels

Shiny Hair

It doesn’t matter whether you have long or short hair – length does not play an important role in achieving a seductive look. Beautiful, shiny long hair needs constant nourishment because only if it is healthy, it will look good. There are so many women, who are considered sex symbols, that look beautiful with short hair – Sharon Stone and Halle Berry, just to name a few. It’s important you style it properly and that it suits your face shape. Add statement earrings and you will look and feel stunning.

Another great option is a bob haircut. This can be very sexy, so if you think it will suit you, go for it! A change of hairstyle is usually a great confidence boost.

In summary, the most important thing is how you feel and behave. However, these small changes will help you with that. By adding a little bit of red lipstick, investing in your brows or switching up your hairstyle, it can make you feel more desirable and ready to conquer the world.

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