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Rihanna’s makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, has only just celebrated its one-year anniversary but has already become a cult favourite among beauty aficionados. Obvs. Her ranges are famous for their inclusive shades, and campaigns featuring a diverse cast of models. Great-quality makeup for ALL women? Yes, please!

Fans of the brand (i.e. EVERYONE) waited with baited breath for the new launches, including the Diamond Anniversary Collection (featuring lip gloss and highlighter), which was created to celebrate Fenty’s first birthday. But, what else? RiRi‘s Stunna Lip Paint range, which previously only came in a sexy red, has expanded with the release of a gorgeous chocolate-brown nude, called Unveil, last week. And what an unveiling it was!

But, that wasn’t all…

The Perfect Pink

The thing about Rihanna’s makeup line is that it’s all about inclusivity. This means that when she releases a new shade of lipstick, the colour will flatter everyone. And she has done it – YET AGAIN – with her new universal pink shade, Uncuffed.

The shade is a mauve-pink-nude combo, which will look just as good at the office as it will for a hot date. And not only is the colour absolutely gorge, but it is also the same lightweight 12-hour-wear formula that Fenty Beauty has become known for. In the past, rosy shades haven’t mastered flattering darker skin tones, but Rihanna has come through with Uncuffed so that everyone can look pretty in pink.

Fenty Beauty

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