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Sleep, drink water and treat your skin.

Georgia Louise

Now that we are in the dry season, it means one thing, Harmattan is either here or slowly approaching and it is important we take good care of our skin during this period. So, welcome to my post on surviving the dry season! The first thing you need to know is that hydration is the key to survival. This simply means you should be drinking lots and lots of water, about 2 litres a day, this will keep you hydrated from the inside out leaving your skin looking dewy and hydrated. Not only will this help your skin but it will help your lips. Alongside hydrating the inside, you will also need to moisturize the outside, I’m talking about deep moisturising girl, because you do not want your skin cracking. I am going to share with you the tips you need during this season and you definitely need to try them out.

The obvious tip is water, but personally, I believe it is easy to forget to drink water. However, if you always have a bottle of water on you, you would never forget and you’d be more conscious to hydrate with water instead of a fizzy drink or any other alternative fizzy drink. Also, I find having a labelled water bottle helps to remind you to drink water. These two tips should help you drink more water and it will easily become a habit you develop.

Labelled water bottles are perfect reminders

Now, with moisturising in the dry season, it is important to have various forms of moisturizer such as body butter and body oil. Personally, I like to extra moisturise, so I tend to be that girl stepping out with her face super oily but as the day goes by I do not look so oily and have zero patchy skin or cracks. My tip is to mix a body oil with a body butter and I like using oils like coconut, almond or avocado. If you do not want to be super oily just use a body butter infused with oils already. Also, another trick to naturally glow in the dry season is to mix a bit of loose highlighter with body butter. So not only are you looking all nice and hydrated,  but you are literally glowing!

Body butter

Now for your lips during this season, I like to do an olive oil and brown sugar lip scrub every week, just to keep my lips looking hydrated and healthy. It also pays to have a lip balm with you at all times. So, if you don’t have any, just go and buy one right now and make sure you have a few if you’re forgetful like me, place these everywhere, your car, room, office, bag, everywhere.

We should all be looking cute and glowing by the end of this process like my girl here

With all these tips, tricks and advice, you’ll definitely survive the dry season. Btw, you can thank me later!

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