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If you are like me and have natural hair you know it’s difficult sometimes to style your hair, and with all the festive events going on, you want to be able to switch things up a bit. So, I thought why not share five simple natural hairstyles you could do quickly by yourself to increase the slay.

I’m sure as a natural hair girl, you have some or all of these products, but for most of the styles I’m going to share, you’re going to need, a spray bottle (you water mixed with conditioner or other products), bobby pins, hair gel and a shoe lace or hair band. Oh.. also, combs, I usually have with me, my afro , wide tooth and tail combs and most importantly my sleek brush from them edges.


To start, we can pack our hair in various ways, it just doesn’t need to be a pineapple all the time. So remember, you can pack your hair into two or whatever number you prefer. You can pack it up and let some hair out to cover your forehead like a fringe. You could also do a low or mid bun and really you can just leave your afro out in all its glory


This is one of my favourite looks, it’s super quick and gives you a mini facelift in my own opinion, it’s the half up and down style. All you really need to do section your hair into two, add a bit of gel to the front half,  sleek your hair down pack that section and you’re done! If you want to go even further, I like to add a bit of curl activator to the hair left down so my curls are extra popping. Also, you can slay this look in different styles.

Different Styles of the half Up and Down look


PLAITS ARE EVERYTHING!! One of my nicest and easiest hairstyles is doing plaits. With my natural hair I like to do two plaits, either a side part or middle part, then I pack my hair together, leaving my hair out in the back. Again with this hairstyle, you can do so much with it, to jazz it even further. When I have the time, I do a bun as well or twist some of the hair left out to get more defined curls.

Different Styles of plaits


The result of a twist out

Twist outs, if you are natural hair girl, are your best.  I know I’ve said this about all the styles I’ve mentioned but this is one of the simplest styles. The best part of this style is, you can switch it up or down however you prefer. I love doing side parts with my twist outs. Also, there are various types of twists, like the flat twist but I stick to the simple one. With twist outs, they look nice when the twist is done on wet hair with a bit of curl custard or gel. I do them in the evening and take it out in the morning, sometimes, I make the twist very nice that I can have that style for a week or two then take them out.

Also, try dying your hair (by a professional of course) and do try out some of these styles, they look even nicer.

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