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After making its debut in Harrods, EPARA, the world’s first luxury skincare brand tailored for women of colour, has arrived in Lagos. The name of the brand is sourced from the Ebira dialect meaning to “to cocoon oneself”. The idea behind EPARA is to pamper your skin by surrounding yourself in luxurious skincare. And there is no doubt that this disruption in the luxury skincare market will be welcomed by its target market, as the demand for cosmetic products that suits people of colour has been disregarded for far too long.

From successfully establishing EPARA’S presence in Harrods, England, founder Ozohu Adoh decided to bring her groundbreaking innovation back home to allow for an easier access to the products, and SCHICK was present at EPARA’S private preview meeting in Victoria Island today. The packaging of the products had that elegant, luxury appeal to them, she noted that she didn’t want anybody second-guessing whether the products were luxurious or not. “I wanted them to speak for themselves”. EPARA has already received accredited recognition for its sleek exterior as it was named the winner of the Luxury Package Awards last week in London.

Being a woman of colour herself, she was determined to get the formulation of each product right. After a trial period of the products on herself, she decided to take it commercial. “In many cases, the key players in the beauty industry are not people of colour, so there can be a bit of a barrier in creating products for people of colour. Skin issues present differently in people with high amounts of melanin, so it’s important to address those nuances – that’s how you make effective products. Products that work, lead to better skin, which leads to looking good and everybody wants to look and feel good“. So, determined to create a skincare brand that tackled issues common to people of colour,  Ozohu underwent three years of persistent research to finally birth EPARA. The brand offers serums, masks, tonics, moisturizers and cleansers, all tailored to nourish the skin of coloured people, so that they no longer have to compromise with what other luxury products have to offer.

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