“I felt this was the right time to do this show in Africa, I wanted to redefine the meaning of luxury on the continent and create a new visual language in this space.”

-Oswald Boateng

“Look at fashion in 2018 and you see Africa is having an incredible influence culturally”, these are his words. In a stunningly visual lookbook, the bespoke couturier of Saville Row Ozwald Boateng delved deep into a personal understanding and love of being truly African as he presents his collection titled ‘Africanism’. After a stunning runway showcase at ARISE Fashion Week 2018, the British-Ghanaian designer fuses woven heritage and modernity in this lookbook.

In his essay for Vogue, he says:

There has always been a purpose behind my creativity. There are some aspects to this collection that are very distinctly African but you may not even know what they are. Historically, this has always been the core principle that underpins what I do and informs my creative process. When you design with feeling and purpose it created an emotional connection between the clothes and the wearer. When I was at Givenchy it was very important for me to find the true essence of a French man and translate that through the clothing. With Africanism I wanted to put a magnifying glass on what I’ve been doing over the years and ramp it up 100%. The fabrication in this collection played a very important role in helping me do that. It gave me the opportunity to create some unique pieces throughout the collection. There was a real focus on fusing traditional English fabrics such as tweed and flannels with the Kente and tribal fabric that I designed.

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Photography Courtesy:

Photography by Jamie Morgan|Styling by Artcomesfirst|Hats by Laird Hatters|Scarves by Rumisu

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