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Winning the Attorney of the Year must be a thrilling experience. For a lawyer, it is the top prize to receive as the ultimate recognition for your work. It’s a dream come true, but for Adaku Ufere it’s a great reality. The Centurion Energy Practice Lead was recently named Attorney of the Year by The African Legal Awards 2017.

The African Legal Awards is the only award ceremony that recognises exceptional achievements within Africa’s legal community. They are hosted by Legal Week, who are also organisers of the British Legal Awards, in association with the Corporate Counsel Association of South Africa (CCASA).

The significance of any African lawyer at all being awarded “Attorney of the Year” is that the person has gone up against thousands of the best legal minds in 54 countries, and come out on top. Literally, it means you’re the best lawyer on the African continent.

Adaku Ufere happens to be the youngest person to ever win it, as well as the first Nigerian to win the award as well. Speaking about the experience she expressed that “for someone who was called to the Bar in 2009, this is a phenomenal achievement.

She went on to state that “I also think it shows that the traditional old guard of law in Africa is being dismantled. The legal profession no longer has to be stodgy and reminiscent of cloudy wigs and dreary robes. It is understood now that multi-jurisdictional, cross-border transactions in diverse fields are the future, and I’m proud to represent the face of Africa’s modern legal counsel.

She is definitely Africa’s modern legal counsel!


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